Five Fav Photos

I have been taking a lot of photos lately, and I was super excited about this assignment for that reason. I had so much fun in the University of Wyoming Williams Conservatory

My most common subjects are usually horses, so it was nice to photograph plants (because they hold still). Not all of these photos were taken in the conservatory though, and I haven’t thought much about having to chase the sunset as it moves across these expansive Wyoming skies.

Photography is such a wonderful device to find the beauty in the world around us and I am so happy to be able to share a little of this beauty in this post. Also, check out my website for more of my photography samples which have been taken anywhere from the Rocky Mountains to the Swiss Alps.

I was surprised to find how hard it is to think about creative devices while shooting some pictures, but I’m hopeful that someday it will be second nature to me.

I have had a little experience with this in the past semester when I took a Digital Video Production class. Some of my work from that can be found on YouTube, and here’s a link to my favorite of all the videos I’ve created, but feel free to explore my whole channel. I believe this video does the best at combining creative devices with video production to display a lot of Wyoming beauty in one short, fun video.

“Roaring about succulents” This dinosaur can be spotted in the succulent room of the conservatory, and stands out amongst the crowd a little bit. The main creative device in this photo is Establishing Size, although through the angle of the picture I did make the dino seem to be larger than his surroundings. Another creative device used here could be color.
“Windowsill Succulents” This photo uses leading lines to emphasize the focus on the potted variety of succulents.
“Bright Spikes” Using contrasting colors brings attention to the center of this beautiful plant. Emphasis is also created through cropping, and texture can be seen in the water dropplets.
“Contrast through Clouds” which also names the main creative device utilized in this picture of the sunset from my apartment in Laramie one evening. This picture could also be using color to draw in attention.
“TJ” This photo’s main creative device is focus, I wish I would’ve done it a little better but I was attempting to keep TJ’s head in focus while leaving the background elements out of focus. This photo is also very balanced with TJ’s neck on one side and Vinny on the opposidte side.

Stay tuned…More pictures to come!

Although I’m Amy

This semester as I begin my journey through Multimedia Production I would like to report on Agriculture more in-depth. In the past, I have focused on wildlife and would like to branch away from that. As I hope to pursue an agricultural reporting career after I earn my Ag Communications degree at the University of Wyoming. I am also currently working towards minors in Horticulture, Agriculture and Applied Economics, and the Honors program.

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